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2016 BMW S1000RR In Depth Motorcycle Review

Posted by on Aug 12, 2016 in Auto News, Other Information, Performance, Tips & Tricks | Comments Off on 2016 BMW S1000RR In Depth Motorcycle Review

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you will surely love this bike with all its excellent features. I have personally enjoyed this bike for it performance and durability. I have never seen a motorcycle as great as this one, and I am sure that it can be one of the best motorcycles ever. The stability and performance are at par, and its overall appearance is just stunning and breath-taking.

The length of the task BMW undertook eight years past to build a new, full-on superbike ‘s hard to exaggerate. For years, Japanese motorbikes such as the Honda Fireblade,the Suzukis GSX-R1000, the Yamaha R1 as well as Kawasaki ZX-10R have all displayed models of Japanese motoring and engineering, and these will also be featured in our top 10 fastest motorbike countdown.


Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.57.42 PM

Here are some for specifications for the BMW S1000RR:
-Price/on sale: £13,655/Current 2012 range
-Engine: 999cc
-Power/torque: 190bhp at 13,000rpm/83lb ft at 9,750rpm
-Top speed: 190mph (est)
-Engine size: 999cc
-Power: 193bhp
-Top speed: 186mph
-Insurance group 17

Buyers will look well at outright and overall performance of a bike before choosing to buy it, with manufactured such as Suzuki, Honda, and other Japanese motorbike makers, have all built a unique reputation with customer in developing and producing some of the world’s best motorcycles and biking technology, as proven by the fact that a lot of the bikes on our top 10 fastest vehicle list are Japanese bikes. BMW, in this case, have never had that unique heritage or reputation in producing bikes so instantly this made it hard for them to penetrate the motorbiking market. Heritage and the race pedigree account for something to consumers, but most are happy to swap and try different brands if the model produced by a well-reputed company has not been deemed as “up to scratch”.

BMW’s histories of launching four cylinder motorcycles has not been the best for the company, e.g. the K100 in 1984. Receiving bad reviews from critics and consumers alike. However, the S1000 RR swept everyone away upon release, except for maybe the Italian Ducati 1198S which is an exclusive bike in it’s class, also to be featured on our top 10 fastest motorbikes list.

BMW motorcycles are furnished by Motorhead, a German company that has been in this business since the early 1920s. Although the beginnings of the company are closely related to the production of aircraft, it was in 1923 that the first motorcycle was built in a factory. Currently, they have plants in Berlin, Austria, Taiwan, and China. The models that they create and produce belong to very different categories from 450cc to 1300cc. Some are meant for touring activities while others correspond to the sport, off-road and dual-purpose applications.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.57.21 PM

BMW motorcycles have won an excellent reputation by winning lots of competitions and prestigious races in national and international contests. Take for example the Dakar Rally that runs from Europe to Africa every year. BMW motorcycles are a constant presence in this race, not to mentioned that they had won six titles in this game so far. BMW motorcycles were part of the Superbike World Championship with the S1000RR too.
Anyone who wishes to buy a vehicle can choose from several product categories.

The F series have the 800cc capacity, parallel-twin engines, and they use either a chain or a belt drive.

The G series have a smaller cylinder capacity ranging from 450 to 650 cc. They have a single bottle, and they feature a chain drive. The 450cc models are manufactured in Taiwan while the 650 cc engines last produced in China.

There are two types available in the R series: R1200GS, R1200T. They all have 1200 cc capacity, twin barrels, and a shaft drive.

The BMW motorcycles in the K series have four engines and a bottle capacity of 1200-1300cc. These too are large models, and you can choose between K1200LT, K1200R, K1300GT, K1300S and K1300R.

And finally, the S series includes the modern sports bikes with an inline-four engine and a 999cc capacity.

It is important to see more models and get some drive tests before purchasing any bike. Choose those BMW motorcycles that best correspond to your riding style, your purpose, choice, and individuality.

Then, the price varies according to the category, the cylinder capacity and the overall technical design. The 450 and 650 cc BMW motorcycles are the cheapest, but the lower price is also supported by the fact that these models have lower manufacturing costs.

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Ducati Streetfighter Vs. Ducati Monster Shootout 2016

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016 in Auto News, Other Information, Race Events, Tips & Tricks | Comments Off on Ducati Streetfighter Vs. Ducati Monster Shootout 2016

Riding on a fast and comfortable motorcycle has become an integral part of a lifestyle, particularly for motorists. People are buying different types of motorbikes every day, some for sports while others for personal use. Ducati motors have made it easier for
motorists to meet their dreams, with the manufacture of Ducati streetfighter and Ducati monster.

Comparisons between Ducati streetfighter and Ducati monster

Both Ducati streetfighter and Ducati monster are a product of Ducati motors, owned by Audi, a German who has specialized in automotive manufacture. The headquarters of Ducati is based in Bologna, Italy. Since its foundation in 1926, the company has maintained a better reputation of serving the whole world with the best motorcycles.
There is a similarity in the type of engine for both Ducati streetfighter and Ducati monster. They both have a 90 degrees twin desmodromic engine.
Both have a 6-speed gearbox which helps in transmission.

Differences between Ducati streetfighter and Ducati monster
– Ducati streetfighter is classified as a streetfighter while Ducati monster is classified as naked, because of its exposed engine.
– Ducati Streetfighter was first manufactured in 2009 as compared to the Ducati monster which was first manufactured in 1993.
– Streetfighter has a wheelbase of 1480 mm while the Monster has a wheelbase of 1440mm.
– The seat height of Ducati streetfighter is 840mm while that of Ducati monster ranges between 770-800mm.
– Ducati streetfighter has a dry weight (when empty without fuel) of 167 kg as compared to Ducati monster which has a weight of between 168-177 kg.

Streetfighter suspension
To achieve a better suspension for the Ducati streetfighter, a number of key adjustments should be made on the tires, sag, rebound, and posture. Suspension helps in improving braking, road holding, and ride quality.
Tires provide a good compression and spring pre-load. To suspend a Ducati streetfighter effectively, the best types of tires should be selected for a period of time before shifting to another type. The same types of tires need to be maintained to prevent the problem of having to change some parts due to incompatibility. It is preferable to stick to one tire type at a time.
The choice of springs should be considered, getting the correct size of springs makes the bike move smoothly and comfortably, therefore, one should have the job done by a streetfighter specialist. Streetfighter bikes have adjustable springs of about 170-190 Ibs.
Rebound dampening should be set in a balance. Too much rebound may result into downward bike-pulling by the wheel while too little rebound may result into easy upward pushing.
A good street fighter rider should always maintain a good riding posture. Posture adjusts the center of gravity, either lowering or raising it. The forefoot middle should not rest on the peg while conserving a normal pose after making a move. The rider should put on proper riding boots to give support to the ankles while pinning the knees to the tank to give stability. The pelvis should freely move up and down from the seat.

To ensure a successful suspension of the Ducati streetfighter, a rider must consider oil and grease application on a regular basis, changing of bike springs that match the tire characteristics, and taking their time to set their motorcycle. People should always go for quality, despite the price because they will always live to enjoy the value of their money.


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10 Most Popular RWD Sports Cars of 90’s

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Auto News, Other Information, Performance, Tips & Tricks | Comments Off on 10 Most Popular RWD Sports Cars of 90’s

Those that long for those days in the 90’s in which RWD vehicle were common and flourished the streets will relate to this article, but they can only live them through memories. Cars of those days were amazing machines, and we are going to talk a little bit about some of the best cars in that decade. But we are going to focus our efforts in the RWD cars of the 90s, so you need to bear this fact in mind. So read on to find out more about these amazing machines that were almost game-changers when they appeared on the streets of America in that decade.
Ford Crown Victoria
This rear-driven sedan is truly amazing, and a lot of people in America bought this car indeed. In fact, the headlights will strike fear into any heart right away. Anyway, this is the cop car that police officers seem to love these days, as these were tough cars.
Buick Roadmaster
The Buick Roadmaster is truly a monster, as this machine could just tow up to five thousand pounds indeed. This V8-powered beast was once one of the favorite machines for moms in America. But now they prefer to ride in a Corolla anyway.

Nissan 240SX
This Japanese animal was capable of sending 155 HP to its rear wheels in no time. This car was rather weak as it had a 4-cylinder engine as well as low curb weight. It seems that this car did not have tons of power, but this wasn`t the case for these types of car in the 90s.
Nissan 300ZX
The Nissan 300ZX featured a turbocharged V6 engine, and it was sexier, larger and more powerful than its predecessor. It also had 283 pound-ft. of torque as well as 300 hp. In fact, the Nissan came stock with 350Z coilovers and it was lighter than the famous Mitsubishi 3000GT.
Mazda RX-7
The 1991 Mazda RX-7 was something special when it was released. The machine featured a 1.3-liter rotary engine. In fact, the Mazda RX-7 was lighter in those days than most Japanese sports cars, as it only weighed 2,800 pounds. With an instant response from a rotary engine, willing chassis as well as balanced weight distribution, the Mazda RX-7 made a mark in the automotive landscape of the 90s.
Honda NSX
The Honda NSX was a mid-engine, two-seat, rear-wheel drive sports car powered by a six-cylinder gas engine which featured the firm`s revolutionary VTEC system.

Toyota MR2
The Toyota MR2 is a bold car made when Toyota`s engineers weren`t bothered by the need of meeting sales demands or appeasing the firm`s bottom line. In fact, the Toyota MR2 was a pleasure to drive as it opened the forbidden landscape of mid-engined motoring to the middle classes.
Nissan 240SX
The Nissan 240SX featured a raw handling prowess that was an exception for that time. Though the Nissan 240SX left a lot to be desired in terms of horsepower, the car`s chassis was a true winner. In addition, the sedan featured a 155-HP power that went straight to the rear wheels.
Jaguar XJ6
The Jaguar XJ6 was the last word when it comes to high comfort levels, and you might say that the Lincoln Towncar was the best. This big Jag could be the sedan that you were looking for if you wanted to get a top-tier vehicle in the 90s.

Volvo 960
The Volvo 960 was one of the most practical rear-drive sedans of the 90s. This outstanding, executive vehicle featured body-colored panels as well a changed grille. In fact, this car underwent a lot of facelifts, and you could also find a 6-cylinder Volvo 960 in the 90s quickly and easily.
As you have noticed, we have just talked about amazing machines.

Though you cannot get back to those days, you might even afford to buy one of these cars with your disposable income. Anyway, the Ford Crown Victoria was truly an amazing vehicle, though you might fear a little bit its headlights. However, cops loved this vehicle as it struck fear in the eyes the bad guys and thieves out there. In addition, the Buick Roadmaster was another fantastic machine that roared on the streets of America in the 90s. These sedans are worthy of being put in a museum of old cars, but you know how things work here. Anyway, you have now more information to love these types of sedans even more over time, which is amazing as well.

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A Look at F1 has it changed over the years for the better?

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016 in Auto News, Performance, Products / Development, Race Events, Tips & Tricks | Comments Off on A Look at F1 has it changed over the years for the better?

F1 the most gruelling and famous race in the world where top level kart driver come together and compete at ridiculous speeds for a world title.  The current racing cars might appear to be easier to drive than some of the vehicle that were produced in the 80’s however this is not the case. There are many years thatF1’s vehicle have lacked speed compared to the previous generations of these cars. This has been a big issue for these type of cars. If you ever saw Kimi Raikkonen famous crash then you will know he hit a wall at over 150 miles per hour. He was in on of the fastest F1 car that was very modern racing has seen. The Risks are still present on all of these vehicles, regardless of safety features installed.



Are these cars really that comfortable that they say you are?

The safety with these cars is unsafe to most years. You are the ability to track at triple digit speeds to track your speed as well. It might not be as comfortable as a Lazy Boy.

Over the sixty-five years of racing for this motorsport has many audiences that are thrilled to learn and watch more. This sport has many fans all over the world for more than sixty-five years. Everyone is so delegated in this thus racing sport. During the beginning of this sport, they were a family with the ferret card because they were designed for the speed the also for engines and brakes. A lot of people liked the attention for this sport. This era was very successful when it comes to the racing cars. Now the cars are way better as in how they are made and how they protect you as a driver.


Back in the day, there was a lot of people who almost died while trying to do these sports. Their engines and racing coil overs weren’t too well either. Why is that they would have such a sport like this to where it’s very unsafe? Most of these people do it as a lifestyle so this sport would have to have a lot more safety. There is way too much control with this and by far so many rules with so many characters. But in my eyes, these cars should be built with more speed. Many people back in the era did not like their family and friends doing this sport because they lack safety. Although this sport may be exciting to all these fans we had to make our sport more safe and have cars built better so that they are able to drive faster as well.\

That’s what they did over time they made sure that these cars had better everything so that more people wouldn’t be so worried about how their family and friends. A faster car with more protection is that they did. They changed them up and so now this era is better in ways because more people enjoy this sport and don’t have to worry about their safety either.

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Interesting BMW Vs. Ferrari Video

Posted by on Jul 4, 2016 in Other Information | Comments Off on Interesting BMW Vs. Ferrari Video

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GT3RS & His Competitors Narrated by Topgear

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016 in Auto News, Other Information, Race Events, Tips & Tricks | Comments Off on GT3RS & His Competitors Narrated by Topgear

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